Ashe Maree Pink and Flustered (short)

Duration: 17:27 Views: 119 Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: After a loooooong day of getting ready to shoot, I was ~beyond~ relieved to be starting the fun portion of filming. Unfortunately, the bad luck of the day seemed to want to play with me some more... despite multiple small interruptions (they actually just fueled me to get 'just one more!';), I make myself cum over and over in various positions and with a few different methods. First I start with fingers only, then I add my biggest glass toy, and at some point I grabbed my trusty vibrating wand to really tire me out! My pale skin gets pink and warm after just a few minutes of the playfully frustrating chase for orgasms, and by the end of these intense 30 minutes my entire body is pink and shaking from my rewards for all my hard work that day :) I hope you feel as much relief & release by the end of this as I did ;P
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